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The Amp'd Mobile has been rated 1.5 out of 5 stars by users.

Amp'd Mobile Reviews

Jennifer from Hampton, VA

I got a pay as you go phone 5mo. ago and was supposed to get a $100 rebate in 8-10wks. still nothing and now their bankrupt. I will never give them another dime even if they do restructure.
Terence Pickens from Los Angeles

Ampd mobile is by far the cellular company from the very depths of Hell!! The Customer Service is a barrel of morons and the billing is criminal! I continuously have the phone off and can't get a sole to help me!! Now I have to get service from another carrier because the bastards are going out of business!! I hate them!!
Savannah from Texas

I've had amp'd for about 3 months now. After only 3 weeks my phone stopped working because i was 'out of minutes' which was not the case. I have the hybrid plan which is $50 a month. I could not have already used a 1000 minutes in three weeks. I was also told my phone was acting like a pre-paid phone, which has still not been fixed. Amp'd mobile is one of the worst mobile services out there. I want to still sue it because its a great deal but i tired of waiting on the phone of hours so they can 'try' and fix the problem. as of right now i haven't had a working for phone for three days. I have called over 70 times but i can never get put on hold. After this next month which i have already paid for and still have no minutes i am getting rid of the service. save your self the stress and money and go to another mobile phone service.
Genelle from Baltimore, MD

Ampd is the worst service in the world!!! I have had the service for about 5 months now and my phone has been off for 2. My first bill was for 2 months and it was almost $700 for the two phones. I had the plan that was 1000 minutes. I was told prior to gettin the phone that there was free nights and weekends, then after the contract was signed that it was only free nights. Then I was told that I could check my minute usage by dialing *611. I tried that and was connected to a person who then had me on hold for about 30 minutes. When I inquired about checking my minute usage, I was told that they did not offer that feature and the only was to keep track was to check my call timers every night and add the minutes myself. Thderefore I was forced to upgrade to the unlimited to aviod going over my minutes. I was told that to avoid paying the $700 bill that I could upgrade and that would wipe out the charges already used therefore they would owe me a $389 credit. This upgrade took place on April 1. My phone was turned off around April 20. I called and was on hold for like 45 minutes then the told me that they saw the notes and turned the phone back on and that the billing department usually took about 4-6 week to do upgrades and if I had any more problems to call and they would take care of it. Around May 4. the phone was turned off again. Mind you the bills were being paid on time all but the credit that was to be paid by them which was me ONLY reason for upgrading. They said to just pay the bill that was due and the phones would be back on but they didn't know for how long because of the overdue amount. They wanted me to pay the $389 and they would credit it back to me. I said oh no that was the whole reason for the upgrade to avoid paying the whole amount. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and I was informed that there was none avaliable and that they would tell me the same thing. There is never anyone else to speak to except the person on the phone. The stand that I got the phone from is no longer in the mall. They are a bunch of SCAMS. They just keep charging me and my phone is off. I think we should all get together and sue there butts!!
tramaine from ft lauderdale

ampd sucks. I agree with everyone else here as far as ampd charging overage when you don' go over. and my first bill was $800.00. They can't beleive they can't even understand the bills to explain
lekeith from los angeles

i have had ampd for about 8 months and i have had to replace my angel two times. i am stil waiting on ampd to send me a new phone. i have been on hold for over 3 hours with then on a regular basis
Sean from Atlatna Ga

I have had AMPD for about a year and never had aproblem until the last three months. I have been charged between $380-500 a month for going over my minutes. I never have went over my minutes, and then my screen on my Angel phone has just stopped working so I haven't hardly used my phone at all the last month and still was charged $360. I have been trying to get in touch with customer service every day sense then. I have waited on hold for 3 hours before, and now I just told my bank to stop the auto payments and I am talking to my attorney also.
Kristie from Tucson, Arizona

I have had AMP'D for about 6 months now. I was supposed to be set up on the Hybrid plan, but instead they set me up on a pay-as-you-go. I was paying $50 about every two weeks. I finally go tired of it and called customer servcie. The first guy I spoke with was friendly and said he was crediting my account $60 because there was a problem with the hybrid accounts and when I needed more, just to call back. HAHAHAHA. That only lasted about a week, and trying to get anyone on the phone was a joke. I finally go through after about 10 hours on hold and three days. They said they fixed it, LOL. I am still on hold and I haven't had a working phone for a week. Currently, I have been on hold for about an hour and still haven't gotten a person to speak to. I am giving up and going to another provider.
Jax from OK

All I have to say is amp'd mobile sucks big time. I called to get my phone reactivated because my account shut down and it took forever for someone to patch me through to their tech department...and I had to wait even more! ARGH!!!! I just up and quit there service and got US Cellular
sal from illinois

Talk about frustration, forsomeone 'who doesn't use a phone a lot it looked, like the best deal. So I bought the phone it took them two hours to actually get the phone started. Then they couldn't get me a number with my area code so they said call back in a few days and they will change it. Well, called back and they said they did but had the same number tried this twice more and after two weeks finally got a new number. Then I get the bill, it has numbers that I didn't call on it, leading me to be overcharged, so I call up customer service they were very nice and said they would fix the problem, well next month comes and the same problem happens and now my bill is over $1,000. Call them up again, and this time they are very rude and accuse me of making the calls that I complained about the first time. So I refused to pay until the problem was solved, so for three more months the same thing continues, and since I refuse to pay till the problem was fixxed they shut the phone off. After two months of the phone being shutdown some how I have supposedly been still making calls from the phone that has been shut down. So now I am have this ridicoulous $10,000 dollar bill and I feel that I have been taken advantage of and very vulnerable. I don't know what kind of legitemete company would do this to a customer. CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!!! It is not worth the head ache and does anyone have any advice.HELP!!!!!!