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Cellular One / Dobson Rating

The Cellular One / Dobson has been rated 2.8 out of 5 stars by users.

Cellular One / Dobson Reviews

Bill from mt vernon,ky

I bought into the GSM plan 2 years ago. At that time they were pushing GSM hot and heavy. The only problem was there wasnt many if any Gsm towers up.(They dont tell you that) It has since gotten better with more towers. Word to the wise though. If you have a teen get them national coverage. I got a 40.00 roaming charge on my daughters phone from calls made in the home area.(she has the unlimited any time plan) I can hit the tower from my house with a rock its so close.(If any towers are hit with a rock it wasnt me) The would rather shoot myself in the foot as to call customer service people said it was because our tower was over loaded and the calls were going through a tower about a 2 hour drive from here and out of our home area. Thus roaming charge. National plan is the only way I could stop that. It doesnt sound fair but they told me it was the customers responsability to look at the phone and see if the roaming triangle was showing before they answer. How many people do that?
Brian M. Verner from Brookville, PA

Cellular One claims to service Brookville, PA, and even offers local Brookville numbers. However, service is very poor in town and there is low to no coverage on Main Street. Cellular One's coverage map in stores shows full coverage in Brookville and the store representatives will confirm this. When a problem arises and you call tech support, they just close the ticket and say Brookville is in a non-covered area. Why do they offer local Brookville numbers then? The service needs improved greatly in the Brookville area. Cellular One also needs to work on a dropped calls issue. At certain times calls drop left and right, and at other times there is no problem.
Ben from South Dakota

This service shouldn't even get a 1. There service is horrible. when my phone broke, they sent it away under warranty for two months and then gave me a broken loaner phone that charged me roaming. The 611 tech support lies! I called cause i was buying a phone off ebay cause mine was sent away long enough and my other phone just like it broke and so i asked them if the phone i was looking at would work and the person said yes and so i bought it and so when i got it and tried to activate it it wouldnt work but i returned it. My phone finally came back now. There employees are rude and ofensive! I would like to get unlimited text, but it is 27 dollars a month which is outrageous bcause verizon can get it 4 five dollars, but anyways that is oulrageously priced! They dont answer their phones and are horrible. THe plans are cheap, and i no why! When my contract is up I am switching. Verizon might be more, but nothing could be worse than cell one! Oh i get why they call it cell one b/cause they deserve a one rating! HA!
Bill from Oklahoma

The service plans are good, and the service itself is pretty good, not many complaints about the actual usage of the phone. The customer service on the phone or in the stores is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I have never had to deal with more unfriendly and unhelpful people in my life as when I've dealt with their customer service. 9 times out of 10, it is torture to have to talk with them. I hope they can improve their customer skills to match their phone service.
Ms. D from Duluth, MN

I work for Cellular One love them! :)
Nathan from Michigan

I can't complain too much about them. Their coverage could be better in my area but that's about it.
Arch from South Central, Penna

I use CellularOne (Dobson) for work and cannot complain about about service. I use a v120t. Their rate plans are not the most generous, but they get the job done. Their phone selection is a B-.

CellularOne is a coalition of regional providers, which the largest being Western Wireless and Dobson Cellular Systems. The CellularOne brand name is the property of Western Wireless, but will be divested upon Western Wireless' acquision by ALLTEL. There are also smaller regional and local cellular providers, such as South Canaan Cellular, doing business as CellularOne.
milkbone98 from NY

There are two Cell Ones:Western Wireless's and Dobson Communications.Having no prior expeience with Western,any comments herein are about Dobson.That said,Cell One has gone downhill horrendously from their TDMA days.GSM is not their forte (nor mine,but that isn't relevant) and their strong TDMA network isn't accessable to new or renewing customers.Their phone selection consists mainly of dicontinued Cingular phones(LG 4050,SE z500),and the Curitel identity phone.Their GSM network is horribly overburdened to the point of no service peak or off peak.I wish they would just throw in the towel already and sell to Cingular.
Devin from Nevada

Lots of coverage, decent plan prices, satisfied so far.
Kris from Nacogdoches, TX

Coverage good in most places, only one dead spot in town and phones automatically roam to cingular. Prices are exactly the same as cingular without rollover minutes. Phone selection okay, not great. No real reason to use Cell1 over cingular except that so few people use the network that you get no fast busies, even when SFA is in session.