Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) Specs, Features & Reviews

User rating: (2.5/5 stars)
Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM)

Hydro XTRM (GSM) Key Specs & Features

  Camera Resolution

Resolution: 5+ megapixel
auto-focus, LED flash

  Battery Life

2000 mAh LiIon
Talk: 11 hours max.
Standby: 430 hours max.

  Physical Dimensions

4.88 x 2.52 x 0.42 in   124 x 64 x 10.7 mm

  Screen Size

4 in   diagonal, 5:3
WVGA   480 x 800 pixels
233 ppi   approx.

Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) Full Specs and Features

Battery2000 mAh LiIon
Talk: 11 hours max.
Standby: 430 hours max.
BluetoothSupported Profiles: HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, OPP, PBA, A2DP 1.2, AVRC 1.3, HID, PAN, MAP
version 4.0+EDR/LE
Call ScreeningNo
CameraResolution: 5+ megapixel
auto-focus, LED flash
Changeable Body PlatesNo
DataTechnology: LTE (Cat 3)
Dimensions4.88 x 2.52 x 0.42 in   124 x 64 x 10.7 mm
Display4 in   diagonal, 5:3
WVGA   480 x 800 pixels
233 ppi   approx.
Extra CameraNo
Extra DisplayNo
FCC IDV65C6522   approved Aug 22, 2013
FM RadioNo
Fast ChargingNo
Fingerprint ReaderNo
Front/Selfie CameraResolution: 1.3-megapixel
HD VoiceNo
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)Yes
Hearing Aid CompatibleRating: M3, T3 (mostly tele-coil compatible)
Infrared (IR)No
Language OptionsLanguages Supported: English, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese
Memory Card SlotCard Type: microSD
up to 32 GB
ModesLTE 4 / 17
WCDMA 1 / 2 / 4 / 5
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 LTE   4G
band 4 / 1700 MHz   AWS (Americas)
band 17 / 700 MHz   Lower 700 (USA (AT&T))

WCDMA   3G / 4G
band 1 (I) / 2100 MHz   IMT (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Brazil, India, Israel)
band 2 (II) / 1900 MHz   PCS (Americas)
band 4 (IV) / 1700 MHz   AWS (Americas)
band 5 (V) / 850 MHz   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)

GSM   2G
850 MHz / band 5   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
900 MHz / band 8   (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1800 MHz / band 3   DCS (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1900 MHz / band 2   PCS (Americas)
OS / PlatformAndroid version 4.1
Processor1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960
Ringer ProfilesNo
Ruggedizedcertified IP57 protection against dust and water immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet (1 meter) of water / Military Standard 810G for shock and drop
SIM card sizeMicro   3FF
Side Keysvolume on left, lock on top
Speaker PhoneYes
Stereo SpeakersNo
Storage/Internal Memory4 GB raw hardware
1 GB available to user
Expandable via memory card
TTY/TDD (Digital)Yes
TV OutputNo
Text Keyboard, HardwareNo
Touch ScreenType: Capacitive
Video CaptureResolution: 1080p HD
Waterproof/Water ResistanceRating: IPX7 (snorkeling)
Weight4.9 oz   139 g
Wi-FiVersion(s): 802.11 b,g,n
Wireless ChargingNo

Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) Carrier Availability

Available From

The Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) is not currently available from any carriers

Discontinued By

The Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) has been discontinued by the following service providers.

Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) Rating

The Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) has been rated 2.5 out of 5 stars by users.

Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM) Reviews

terrible phone

Carrier: MetroPCS

I bought this phone about 2 months ago and let me you don't buy it it starts kind of slow but I'm hear to tell you it gets worse randomly slowing down for sometimes days at a time like today and the last three days for me it took me five minutes to load this page and if you want to watch a video then ask yourself the question are you feeling lucky because though the speed can be good at times most of the time it's like 2g speed

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Do NOT like this phone, at all.

I download different games, and most of them glitch out completely. I don't have any other way to describe it.
I downloaded Snapchat and I would take pictures that would be so glitched out that I couldn't tell what the picture was, and the same photo editing apps as well.
It gets the job done, yes, but poorly. The internet is also very slow, very often.
Would not recommend unless to someone who is only looking to use it as maybe a business phone.

Review Source
Hydro Xtreme

Carrier: MetroPCS

I've had this phone for about a yr n a half. N I have to say it may not be the most expensive phone but it is very durable. I'm really hard on my phones. N this one has been thrown thru walls slammed on the concrete n thrown in the pool many times. N still no scratches or cracked screens LCD still works fine. I love this phone. Now that's the positive parts of it. Negative is it doesn't have a very large memory to hold games or a lot of photos n at times does get slow. So I use it mostly on WiFi networks. N it doesn't work in all places. My husband has the iPhone 6x and his phone never loses service but its not as durable as mine. So if you drop your phone a lot or have people who likes to ruin your things or at least try to this phone is for you. Its been a really money saver for me. I really love this phone. And has saved me a bunch of money. Battery does tend to die faster after awhile. So that's another down fall. Picture qaulity could be better as well. And volume works great with the right headphones. But for output of the sound isn't that great.

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Jack of all apps

Carrier: MetroPCS

I like this phone. The prime reason is because it is shockproof, waterproof and one can have it in his or her back pants pocket without cracking the screen (my wife has done this with phones in front and back pockets in the past more than twice) if they should sit down. My wife saw my phone and had me buy her one too. One day while sitting in the tub and serfing Facebook, she dropped her phone in the water and screened. Without missing a beat, I toweled it dry with no negative effects to the device whatsoever. Moving large files over Bluetooth could be faster. Sometimes the phone sounds like "the matrix" if you know what I mean, on occasion. Using phone's earpiece could be clearer. I usually use the hands free feature while driving or speaker phone with no problems. I only had 4 apps that didn't work with this phone, period. Anything I would do on a desktop or laptop (like word processing, or spreadsheets) I can usually do on this phone with no issues at all. Hey, its no $400.00 or $500.00 phone, but it gets the job done. I paid $99.00 each for my hydros and consider it money well spent.

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Kyocera Hydro XTRM (GSM)

Carrier: MetroPCS

So far the Hydro is working for me. I haven't dropped it (yet) and it hasn't been in water. All of the advertised features other than those are working great. The only problem I have is the camera. The clarity isn't what I thought it should be. Still in all it's a decent phone. I would probably go with something else were this phone not so new and I'd known more about it before purchasing. Still I have no regrets. For what I paid for it, I got a great deal. It was hard to get initially. Seems like this phone is hard to find. It's helpful if you clear out the apps menu as it helps extend the battery life. I like this phone, it's pretty good.

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Not a good phone

At full volume on a call- is scratchy, turn down a couple and ok. I put 32G SD card and set to save to SD card. download app still loads on phone with no way to transfer to SD. with only 1 G storage on phone, not enough to be useful. bought it at $29. Orig $179. Not worth 29 if you use very many aps. Some aps you can transfer, but not many of the ones I use.

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Perfect Backup Phone/ Teen Phone

Carrier: T-Mobile

Bought this phone as a temporary/backup after selling my LG G2. (Waiting for the G3) And its not that bad. It does have a problems due to low internal (1GB) memory. Especially when FB app tries to update. It fails to update citing no storage available when 250 Mbs are available. So I end up clearing cached memory to update the FB app.

I'm ready for the G3, but this phone is great if you want something simple (4G) and are in the market for a phone that can handle any waterborne issue (Up to 30 minutes) and take a tumble on the concrete, then make a call without missing a beat.
I paid $150.00 for it, so it's a perfect fit for teens more so than your above average android user. I'll still use this phone when I'm riding my mountain bike or hitting the pool. And keep my G3 in the truck.

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liked my old phone better

Carrier: MetroPCS

I had an LG Motion but I have a 3 yr old that dropped it in the toilet. It was saved with rice but I thought the Hydro Extreme would be a good investment.
It might turn out to be used as a back up mini tablet but as a phone I'm not happy.
The smart sound technology isn't so smart. I'm constantly hearing people tell me they can't hear me. I can't always understand them either.
The claim of 4gb memory isn't exactly totally revealing. Only about 1 of those are available to you. It's constantly telling me low storage and I have to delete things. An issue I NEVER had with my Motion.
The apps I have on my SD card aren't showing icons /shortcuts in my apps and I still haven't figured out how to fix that.
The camera is beyond slow too. Between the time you snap and the time it actually takes the picture the shot is gone. With kids and pets allot gets missed.
I wish there was a water proof shock proof Motion and I'd be totally happy with my phone.

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