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The T-Mobile has been rated 2.7 out of 5 stars by users.

T-Mobile Reviews

Celia from Southeastern Oklahoma

I've been a customer of T-Mobile from before the time they bought out VoiceStream. On the whole I'm happy with the service, price, and plan that I've had with them for the past 7 or 8 years. I seldom have the kinds of problems that I hear other people complain about with other providers and I've traveled over most of the country by auto. I think I'll stick with them until something better comes along.
foll from Mew Jersey

Great phone great features anyone who says it bad it stupid
John from Oklahoma city

I was with cingular and sprint, and all i have to say is that t-mobile customer service is awesome! I have never had any dropped calls and their CS is great and really helpful. When i was with cingular and sprint i would be over charged and their CS were rude. I really like t-mobile and they are really helpful.
HN from South Russell

I have T-Mobile family plan. I barely have signal in my residence area, so the phone has become useless for me (3 Motorola phones). T-Mobile is not going to offer anything to resolve this issue and they are not even going to give credit for lost minutes. I had Sprint and Version prior to T-mobile (for four years) and both of them worked without problem for me. I am ready to pay termination fee to get out of this contract. T-mobile is the worst one in terms of compensating minutes for lack of coverage.
Maddie from Denver, Colorado

I love T-mobile, it is so superior to verizon, plus verizon has THE MOST CRAP PHONES EVER! If you want something with good fantastic service, cool and satisfying features PICK t-mobile
Tom from Milwaukee

T-Mobile works great! There is hardly a place without service, and CS is great.
william from Harrisonburg,va

If u want to get a cell with little money,T-mobile is the only choice. But I hope they can pay more attention on coverage.Their coverage is pretty bad in virginia,compared with others.
By the way, they have the nicest phone ever.Please please expand your coverage.I always hoping T-mobile buy Cingular on day.
brandon from texas

Bryan from Springfield, MO

Works great in metro areas and on major highways. I rarely drop calls and have outstanding voice quality. Customer service rocks and the plans are very affordable.
Rudy J from Victorville, CA

I think T-Mobile is great. The first day I got it the lady that attended my mom was very nice and suggested a great phone, the V180. Sure, it's not the perfect phone but it works perfectly well considering that it does not have a camera. T-Mobile's signal is great, I live in the mountains and I always have a signal, unlike the other phone companies. Of course, there are times when I don't get a signal, which is in Hesperia, but who could expect a signal in the middle of nowhere? Plus, the prices are unbeatable, and the only reason of why I would want the new cingular to absorb T-Mobile is so that I have more people to talk to for free. ;)