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The Nextel has been rated 2.1 out of 5 stars by users.

Nextel Reviews

Tevin Hall from pascagula ms

MY friend use to be with nextel partners and he like it for the first year and then that when i throuble started they are a bunch of bull****
Ami from MA

I've had nextel for 4 years. Service started out great... now it's awful. My calls get dropped numerous times daily. There are no 'deals' on new phones for existing customers & I had to try 7 times to dial out yesterday! I'm paying the fee to get out of my contract... I can't stand it anymore.
What did it for me was when my phone would't dial out & I didn't know why.. .well I called customer service & they said my phone had been put on a block. They didn't have any answers for me when I sad that I never called & blocked the phone. Problem was fixed, but how did it happen?
Wayne from LA

People must be leaving Nextel in droves-they called and gave me an extra 100 minutes this month. Maybe it's for all the voice mails that I receive 12 hours after they were made! Dropped calls? rather drops per call-first my caller can't hear, then I can't hear them-back & forth. But their pay your bill by phone menu is the quickest & BEST Thei730 is.good..but after 4 years they are sliding badly.. I'm going to T mobile this week.
James from Lakeland Florida

I wouldnt even give Nextel a 1. There service sucks real Bad. My dad and i got nextel becuase they are childrens church pastors and the church was going to pay for my moms phone so we got it to talk to her. Well 6 months later we have Cingular and they are great. Nextel i was always getting call failed system busy. They even said they would give me a Nextel i836 for free and the decided to charge me for it. This service is horrible
Kristy from Cary, Illinois

I got Nextel because my company had it and I got an employee deal. I used to have sprint and the reception sucked so I changed to nextel. At first it worked well, much better than sprint but for the last few months I have gotten worse reception and more dropped calls then even my sprint phone. I changed phones and its still no better. Even the bill has gotten higher, where has I've never gone over my minutes before now is happening every month. Now I'm trying to find a new company.
Lana from Novi Michigan

Nextel is such bull****. They supposedly said i went over 245 minutes, and i have to pay over 200.00 dollars for my bill. My dad got me the phone in feburay for 1 year, n now they said we signed it for 2 years. They also said i have free incoming too. So when my dad asked them about that, they said i changed the plan in feburary, i never ever changed the plan, i dont even kno my dads account # off the top of my head. Im so upset i h8 this service i should of never got nextel, after all these stories i read, the same shit happened to me
Wendy stevens from Bushnell Florida

I have had Nextel for over 5 years. All of my phones have worked great. I hardly ever have service problems. During the hurricane - nope. I just got an i830 it seems to work good too.
In my area nextel seems to be the best service. Everyone at work always wants to borrow my phone because mine works when their phones wont. Inside buildings anywhere. I hope the merger with sprint doesn't change things. Nextel is great!
Matt Crossfield from Lexington, KY

I love my Nextel service and it's 110% better than Cingular wireless. At least with Nextel I can *ACTUALLY* call people the first time without having to dial them 30582390502 times or having 'All circuits busy'... Only thing I am still trying to figure out is text messaging on Nextel and how come I'm having problems with it.
Kurt from Chicago

Nextel service sucks in Chicago now.. Drop calls all the time or your phone does not ring and you get a voicemail hrs later. My favorite is the redial problem with a full signal bar. I have to reboot my phone every day and have upgraded three times this year.. Half the time on direct connect you get cut off with a 384 error. My favorite is when they charge you for long distance direct connect when you call someone else.. How the fu$% are you supposed to know where they are?
kevin from Pennsylvania

My first bill was $462.00 and no one, not even a 'supervisor' can tell me why. Customer service sucks and they are rude...they even offered to rout my call to the cancellation department for complaining. Pricks!