BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) Specs, Features & Reviews

User rating: (3.9/5 stars)
BlackBerry Q10 (GSM)

Q10 (GSM) Key Specs & Features

  Camera Resolution

Resolution: 8+ megapixel
with flash, touch focus, Time Shift

  Battery Life

2100 mAh LiIon
Talk: 13.5 hours max.
Standby: 346 hours max.

  Physical Dimensions

4.71 x 2.63 x 0.41 in   120 x 67 x 10.3 mm

  Screen Size

3.1 in   diagonal, 1:1
qHD   720 x 720 pixels
328 ppi   approx.

BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) Full Specs and Features

Battery2100 mAh LiIon
Talk: 13.5 hours max.
Standby: 346 hours max.
BluetoothSupported Profiles: HFP 1.6, OPP, PBA, A2DP 1.2, AVRC 1.3, HID, PAN, MAP
version 4.0+LE
Call ScreeningNo
CameraResolution: 8+ megapixel
with flash, touch focus, Time Shift
Changeable Body PlatesNo
DataTechnology: LTE (Cat 3)
Dimensions4.71 x 2.63 x 0.41 in   120 x 67 x 10.3 mm
Display3.1 in   diagonal, 1:1
qHD   720 x 720 pixels
328 ppi   approx.
Extra CameraNo
Extra DisplayNo
FCC IDsL6ARFL110LW   approved Apr 17, 2013
L6ARFN80UW   approved Apr 22, 2013
FM Radiowith software update
Fast ChargingNo
Fingerprint ReaderNo
Front/Selfie CameraResolution: 2-megapixel
up to 720p video
HD VoiceNo
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)Yes
Hearing Aid CompatibleRating: M3, T4 (very tele-coil compatible)
Infrared (IR)No
Language OptionsYes
Memory Card SlotCard Type: microSD
up to 64 GB
ModesLTE 2 / 4 / 5 / 17
WCDMA 1 / 2 / 4 / 5
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 LTE   4G
band 2 / 1900 MHz   PCS (Americas)
band 4 / 1700 MHz   AWS (Americas)
band 5 / 850 MHz   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
band 17 / 700 MHz   Lower 700 (USA (AT&T))

WCDMA   3G / 4G
band 1 (I) / 2100 MHz   IMT (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Brazil, India, Israel)
band 2 (II) / 1900 MHz   PCS (Americas)
band 4 (IV) / 1700 MHz   AWS (Americas)
band 5 (V) / 850 MHz   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)

GSM   2G
850 MHz / band 5   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
900 MHz / band 8   (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1800 MHz / band 3   DCS (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1900 MHz / band 2   PCS (Americas)
  not all versions support WCDMA 4
OS / PlatformBlackBerry 10
Processor1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
Ringer ProfilesYes
SIM card sizeMicro   3FF
Side Keyslock on top / volume, command buttons on right
Speaker PhoneYes
Stereo SpeakersNo
Storage/Internal Memory16 GB raw hardware
12 GB available to user
Expandable via memory card
TTY/TDD (Digital)Yes
TV Outputmicro-HDMI
Text Keyboard, HardwareLayout: QWERTY
Touch ScreenType: Capacitive
USBConnector: Micro-USB
Video CaptureResolution: 1080p HD
with editing
Waterproof/Water ResistanceNo
Weight4.9 oz   139 g
Wi-FiVersion(s): 802.11 a,b,g,n
Wireless ChargingNo

BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) Carrier Availability

Available From

The BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) is not currently available from any carriers

Discontinued By

The BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) has been discontinued by the following service providers.

BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) Rating

The BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) has been rated 3.9 out of 5 stars by users.

BlackBerry Q10 (GSM) Reviews

Much functionality lost in Blackberry 10 OS and Q10

Carrier: AT&T

Maybe it will come back. But for now, the inability to sync such basic things like notes and tasks to your desktop is incredibly lame. Otherwise, the 10 OS is a step into the present for Blackberry software. It just feels like it's still in beta, with so many things that are half there.

And while I'm not a person who can't or won't use a touchscreen (been through just a few iPhones), the trackball was a wonderful thing. I use Blackberries because I just prefer a keypad and don't like having to lift my fat finger to touch things on the screen when it's not useful. The Q10 makes you use both the keypad and the touchscreen, so definitely not as "hand-friendly" as older models.

Aside from that, it's a good phone - I get better phone performance than on any of my iPhones (audio, battery, signal strength). And the size and rounded edges are easier on my large ears than the sharp-edged iPhone models (notice that the 6 and 6+ have gone back to the nice rounded edges of the 3 and earlier).

I guess I'll keep it for a while, but I really think they could've and should've done better. But as I said at the beginning, maybe it will get better. If it doesn't, I can't see RIM staying solvent for much longer.

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Disappointed - missing buttons

Carrier: AT&T

Got mine shortly after release. Looked good at first glance and then things started going down hill.

Missing buttons - Blackberry should have SEND, END and BACK buttons. That is what makes Blackberry functional. Those buttons need to reappear on the next model or else.

Fingering the screen to answer calls is painfull. You have to grab it just right and move up or down. If you upgrade the software, then you will wiggle your finger to the side instead.

Voice command - well I have not seen anyone use that feature. What a waste of a button, perhaps it can be retooled to pick up and hang up calls.

RSA app not available until recently. This is a critical app and was one of the initial reasons why we did not roll them out. Now that we found other issues, the test group wants to return them in favor of BB 9900.

Defaulting to Personal screen and having to switch back to Work. Hub - awful. It is just another annoying feature that keeps coming back. It should have been turned of by default and hidden so deep that someone that does not need it, does not have to see it. Just lock in the WORK profile and keep it there.

Problems with sending messages with embedded images. Apparently you have to set server parameters just right or you will not be able to forward messages with images inside of e-mail. I am in favor of plain text too but you need to be able to reply to any messages that were sent to you without channging format.

Unable to switch between LTE and GSM (G4, G3, G2) especially having G3 microcell that you are not able to use. As log as there is some barely usable 4G, don't expect to use your G3 microcell in perfect running order. It just latches on to newer technology no matter how bad the signal is.

And for someone who specifically wanted a keyboard, this device requires too much fingering.

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Like An Eastwood Western

Carrier: AT&T

Not much fanfare, not a lot of marketing, even left for dead by many, but the Blackberry Q10 (reminiscent of Clint Eastwood in a western) - arrives in town and takes down all his competitors with clear superiority where it counts...
The Q10 is very well built, certainly as much or better than any iPhone. The weight feels perfect. The OS 10 operates very smoothly and efficiently AND quickly once learned. Battery life is excellent. I am paired with AT&T (the best in the business imho), calls and reception are superb. The Hub organization is the best of all phones. Security is the best of all phones (who needs biometrics when security is this good)...When I think of BlackBerry I think of PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION device, not 'play toy' with lots of games, toys, bells and whistles, and the Q10 is all 'professional device'. Video and camera are certainly fine; the loaded software, travel and weather aids are superb and easily customizable... Having a keyboard means one hand can manage the phone while making multitasking far easier. Having had a Bold, Torch, then trying touchscreens with the Samsung S3 and Z10, the Q10 and a keyboard wins hands down. The Q10 has it where it counts, and just like the man with 'no name' in those westerns, leaves town a winner...

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Outstanding Phone!

Carrier: AT&T

This is my 6th Blackberry and this is the best one ever. I just wish it was a little bigger (Screen). Otherwise the phone is wonderful to use. Battery Life is Amazing!

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