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The AT&T has been rated 1.8 out of 5 stars by users.

AT&T Reviews

Chris from Toms River New Jersey

For years I have steered clear of anything having to do with AT&T because they are just big rip offs and are like the 'cockroach' of the telephone industry, they just won`t go away, and you can never get rid of them. I had some bad esperiences with them years back, and now after having had a beautiful , peaceful, satisfying business relationship with Cingular for the past three years with NO problems, alas, in comes the cockrach once again to swallow up Cingular and make my life miserable again. I just noticed this month a new charge on my cell bill for 'usage' charges...Usage charges?? what in the hell do I pay $49 a month for? to just look at my phone each month? If these cockroaches think they`re going to just come in and railroad over Cingulars` old, faithful, satisfied customers, rip them off with added charges, and even THINK they`ll keep customers? they really had better seriously think again, because I`m very sure that a lot of good old Cingular customers just won`t take their crap for too long, me included. I`m seriously considering leaving AT&T, as I hope everyone else also does, and then within a short time, we will all watch the cockroach consume himself through his greed,into extinction where he belongs :-)
fred from washington state

I have tried alot of different services and they have some problems but all in all they have been great. today my phone died and have 8 months on my contract and the warrenty was up but i have insuace on my phone and they helped me get the best phone for me at a reduced price. but I still had to pay the stupid $50 insurace cost but the made the phone affordable and didn't make me extend my contract I have had them for 5 years and my wife has had them for 7 years and we love the service.
andrew from New York

With my horible experience with all other service providers such as Verizon, Nextel and T-Mobile, I was not expecting a great service with them only because it uses the same GSM as T-Mobile. However I found they had a stronger signal operated in 850Mhz while T-mobile is mainly using weak 1900 mhz.Now I'm 100% satisfied with my service with Cingular. I switched all my family phone services to Cingular.
Merci O from Covington, LA

We evacuated for hurricane Katrina, naturally none of the phones were working - I have a 337 area code, and evacutated to that area. I had to switch from AT&T to Cingular. For my August bill, I was only charged for taxes. But they sure made up the difference when I received my next bill. Every call I made to other cingular users in my call area, I was charged long distance rates. My bill was over $259.00, service was cut off until I paid the full amount. I have been a cingular user and have had the same phone number since 1985 - At present time, my phone is cut off - and I would like to see them collect for the rest of my contract. Put me in line for a class action lawsuit - just tell me where do I sign..... disgusted in South Louisiana
mike from pittsburgh

I have had nothing but bad reception and dropped calls since the AT&T takeover. I have tried several phones and all lack reception in my house and work (which are NOT remotely located). I travel all over the country and consistenty get static, dropped calls and terrible reception. I finally decided to switch to Verizon.
beth from Wisconsin

Cingular's true rating should be a 0, but unfortunately, I cannot rank them at that.

I am what Cingular calls an old AT&T customer. I never had problems with AT&T, but ever since the merge....all I have had are problems. For several weeks last summer I could not make or recive any phone calls from my cell phone OR check my voice mail. Thankfully I was at my parents house so I could use their landline phone to contact Cingular about this. They told me it was a tower issue and if I drove outside of my city 10 miles turned my phone off and then back on after 10-15 seconds everything should be fine. Well, let me tell you, I still could not make or recieve any phone calls. I have had so many issues with their representatives when I call Cingular. They never help me and are quite rude. They always tell me 'I understand your frustration.' But truly, I highly doubt they do. This past month, I was charged almost $10 more on my bill for supposid roaming. However, I never leave the state of Wisconsin....and the supposid city I made the call from is 4 hours away from where I live. It was crap. I am leaving Cingular in about 2 1/2 weeks because my contract is finally done. THANK GOD!
Kim from Yorktown Virginia

I had a Suncom family plan and by default ended up with Cingular. I have had nothing but trouble since the transfer. I have to go out to the middle of my yard to use my phone and my daughter roams when calling from her bedroom. If that wasn't enough my son joined the US Marine Corp and they won't cancel his line because the plan is in my wife's name not his. I guess if my wife gets orders to Irag I can cancel the service. I only regret that 1 is the lowest rating that I can give.
tina from Katrina no man's land - New Orleans

rating is actually 0

cingular over sold phone service to all the FEMA types and carpenters and clean up crews coming into the New Orleans area without checking to see if thier existing, damaged network could handle the overload. Result? You can't hear what the person your are calling or who called you is saying and they can't hear you. The call drops after a few seconds. Customer service says they have no idea when this will get better. Cingular refuses to give Hurricane Katrina victims who evacuated and changed their area code credit to change it back. The excuse? Oh, you had 4 weeks after the storm to get back and repair your life. That in Cingular's opinion is more than adequate. Never mind you have no house, no job, no home phone, no schools.... Their solution? Use text messaging. They promise to give free text messaging as a concession. Guess what? Yup! $21 worth of text messaging on the next bill oh, and the credit for September for only 1/2 the month they promised? It didn't appear on the bill so they want their $450 NOW

We have a class action lawsuit going just to break the 2 year contract on the grounds that we promised to pay and they promised to provide service. They overloaded thier own network with greedy sales and have not improved nor intend to improve in near future so they are in breech.....who's joing us?
Amanda from Toledo, OH

I am yet another unhappy cingular customer. I purchased a 2 year service agreement through a Cingular store in Fayetteville, NC then I relocated to Toledo, OH several months later. I had no trouble switching the phone number to the local area code and was pleased with cingular's service until something went wrong with my phone. I bought a Motorola V220 when I signed up and 7 months later the camera broke. I took the phone to the Cingular store in town and the customer service representatives were rude and completely unhelpful. Although I signed up for the product protection plan in NC it was not transferred to OH when I switched my number, and to top it all off, when I switched my number they extended my contract to a full 24 months again without having me signing anything or letting me know that was their policy. I finally got somewhere when I called the 800 number, only to find out that I would have to buy another phone at full price, 210 dollars. Needless to say, I paid the $150 cancellation charge and went back to Alltel.
Diana from Wisconsin

I am someone who has said that Cingular sucks and I am not ignorant by any means. I have not had good reception with the phone that I have. I have gone directly to the store in my area several times to talk to the representative's there. They kept telling me that there was a 30 day return policy however during that 30 day return policy they kept telling me to try different things that would help. They made sure my phone had been upgraded and told me to try that. When I went back and told them that did not solve the problem they said that it was my phone. They suggested that I send it in to get a replacement. I informed the representative that this was the second LG I had since I replaced the last one I had because it was damaged. I was still having the same exact issue's as I was having with the other phone. I told him that my reception was not good and he took the phone from me and said that I had five bars. I told him that since we were standing in a Cingular store we better have five bars or they really had some issues. The representative was no help at all. I went back to the store this past weekend and spoke with a different store representative. I was not in a good mood since I had been talking on the phone and during my conversation I was disconnected and received a message that stated no such number in service. She first started out saying that they had a 30 day return policy and she did not know what she could do since it had be past the 30 days. I then informed her that we had been trying to deal with these issues since I received the phone and did not get anything resolved. I asked her about the phone and she asked if I wanted her honest opinion and I said that I wanted her honest opnion and not a sales pitch. She then told me that the phone I purchased sucked and the makers (LG) discontinued selling the model phone I had because of the issue's that I was having. She spoke to the manager and they are allowing me to upgrade my phone early and all that I have to do is agree to extend my contract one more year which I have agreed to do. Really I should not be saying that Cingular sucks I should be saying that some of their customer service and store representative's suck. Maybe they should look into that. The Cingular store that I visited for all my concerns is located in the Fox River Mall in Appleton, Wisconsin. DCM