LG Revere / Revere 2 Specs, Features & Reviews

User rating: (4.3/5 stars)
LG Revere / Revere 2

Revere / Revere 2 Key Specs & Features

  Camera Resolution

Some versions only
Resolution: 1+ megapixel
night mode, photo editor / 221c lacks camera

  Battery Life

1000 mAh
Talk: 7 hours max.
Standby: 630 hours max.

  Physical Dimensions

3.78 x 1.95 x 0.72 in   96 x 50 x 18.3 mm

  Screen Size

2.2 in   diagonal, 5:4
176 x 220 pixels
128 ppi   approx.

LG Revere / Revere 2 Full Specs and Features

Adjustable Text SizeNo
BREWVersion: Brew MP 1.0.2
Battery1000 mAh
Talk: 7 hours max.
Standby: 630 hours max.
BluetoothSupported Profiles: HSP 1.2, HFP 1.5, OPP, FTP, PBA, DUN, BPP 1.2, HID
version 2.1+EDR
Call ScreeningNo
CameraSome versions only
Resolution: 1+ megapixel
night mode, photo editor / 221c lacks camera
Changeable Body PlatesNo
Custom GraphicsYes
Custom RingtonesYes
DataTechnology: 1xRTT
Data TetheringNo
Dimensions3.78 x 1.95 x 0.72 in   96 x 50 x 18.3 mm
Display2.2 in   diagonal, 5:4
176 x 220 pixels
128 ppi   approx.
EMS / Picture MessagingNo
Email ClientNo
External Antenna JackNo
Extra CameraNo
Extra Display96 x 64 pixels, 0.98-inch monochrome LCD
FCC IDBEJVN150   approved Apr 28, 2011
FM RadioNo
FM TransmitterNo
Fast ChargingNo
Fingerprint ReaderNo
Flight ModeYes
Front/Selfie CameraNo
GPS / LocationType: A-GPS
HD VoiceNo
Hard DriveNo
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)No
Headset Jack (2.5 mm)Yes
Hearing Aid CompatibleRating: M4, T4 (very tele-coil compatible)
Infrared (IR)No
Instant MessagingNo
Java (J2ME)No
Language OptionsLanguages Supported: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean
Memory Card SlotNo
Mobile HotspotNo
ModesCDMA 850 / 1900 CDMA   2G / 3G
850 MHz / band 5 / BC0   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
1900 MHz / band 2 / BC1   PCS (Americas)
Music PlayerNo
OS / Platform(proprietary)
Phone Book Capacity1000
Picture IDYes
Predictive Text EntryTechnology: T9
Real-Music RingersYes
Ringer IDYes
Ringer ProfilesNo
Side Keysvolume on left / camera on right
Speaker Phonededicated key
Stereo SpeakersNo
Storage/Internal Memory24 MB available to user
Not expandable
TTY/TDD (Digital)Yes
TV OutputNo
Text Keyboard, HardwareNo
Text Messaging (SMS)View Style: Threaded
Text Messaging TemplatesYes
Touch ScreenNo
USBConnector: Micro-USB
Video CaptureNo
Voice DialingType: Speaker-independent (automatic)
WAP / Web BrowserBrowser Software: Myriad Browser (OpenWave) 6.2.3
Waterproof/Water ResistanceNo
Weight3.42 oz   97 g
Wireless ChargingNo

LG Revere / Revere 2 Carrier Availability

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Discontinued By

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LG Revere / Revere 2 Rating

The LG Revere / Revere 2 has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by users.

LG Revere / Revere 2 Reviews

Long Review was erased by PhoneScoop!

I'll be damned if I am going to do that review again!

PROs: Good Audio - clear & loud
Decent signal capture
Good battery life (~4 days w. moderate use)
Battery Recharges fast in ~2 hours
Menu Text font size is resizable
Camera is 1280 x 960 (1.22 Mb)
Ring tones are good (MP3?)

CON: LG should have rubberized the exterior - the phone is VERY SLIPPERY. This is a serious fault!
No Video capability

Review Source
You Say 'Basic' Like it's a Bad Thing...

Got this phone as my "work phone" on a second line with my family's ancient family plan on Verizon. Our family plan has no data allowance, and I didn't feel like texting anyone at work, so I went for the most basic flip I could get. The Verizon reps all laughed at me, and sent me home with this masterful piece of Korean technology. Pros and Cons!

PROS: Great signal. I mean great. This phone became my primary "talking phone," because of the awesome reception.

Solid design, intuitive interface, good feel "in hand."

This phone can bluetooth tether like a beast! I only use it to tether to my macbook pro, but it can act as a USB mass storage device, and I can send pcitures or MP3 files to and from the phone over bluetooth. This is a useful feature, because I needed some tunes to replace the available ringtones, which were sorely lacking.

CONS: The available ringtones and wallpapers are pretty lame/annoying. I like me a basic phone environment. That means no animated wallpapers, no pictures of birthday balloons that make it impossible to see the time and date on the inner screen of my phone, etc. In order to get a plain, black wallpaper, I had to take a picture with the phone with my hands over the camera lens, and then save that picture as my wallpaper.

The T9 function has to be turned on EVERY TIME you make a text. It is clunky and time-consuming. The text prediction is also not as good as the old Nokia's... it often gets things hilariously wrong. Also, I wish that the '0' key was "space" and the '#' key was "next." Having to constantly thumb over to '#' while texting made my right thumb very sore.

Phone takes for-EVER to boot up when turned on.

CONCLUSION: Awesome phone with great hardware and surprisingly advanced features for people looking to get a basic, reliable phone. This thing holds a charge forever, makes calls, and can send texts. What more can you ask for?

Review Source
Bluetooth is not always Bluetooth

My wife and I use identical phones to makes things easy on us senior citizens. We decided to make a change last November and have been struggling ever since. The Revere has bigger buttons than our old phones but no way to make text display larger. As a basic phone it works well and I thought it would be a good replacement for our older Motorola phones. I thought Bluetooth was Bluetooth until we got these phones, however, but it is not! This phone will not work with automated phone systems (e. g. “press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, etc.”) over Bluetooth. I have tried three different copies of this phone on four different Bluetooth compatible devices (two cars and two home systems) and none of them work. LG will not acknowledge this and Verizon can only give me a replacement of the same phone. Since this is an important feature to me, I cannot rate this phone well. If you do not need Bluetooth (it also is slow in connecting incoming calls over Bluetooth – you must wait about 2 seconds before saying “hello” on answering or the other party will not hear you), than this will not matter to you. Make sure you know exactly what features you want or need and test them quickly so you can return the phone before the Verizon expiration period (30 days in my case) if it does not meet your needs.

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Excellent High Quality Phone

Decided to use the phone for awhile before I raved on it and it doesn't disappoint. I wanted a basic phone for clear reception and this is IT!! No drops and the battery life is super great as well. It took over 3 weeks for me to get down to the last bar although I didn't use it too much at the time for talking but it shows the lasting power of the battery regardless. It has a good solid quality feel with easy to read menu options.
I bought this at Walmart for $20 and use air time cards (w/o a payment plan) with different options to pay through Verizon. I have a very sweet deal that I pay $1 a day only when used and can talk with other Verizon users after that for free, all others are 10 cents a minute. Most of my family have Verizon phones so its well worth the cost.
It great for text messages also but I don't use it for the internet so can't comment. It has many phone settings/rings/options to choose from but too many too list.
If your looking for a quality phone with excellent reception and crystal clear calls then I highly recommend getting the LG Revere.

Review Source
I Love my LG Revere

I love my LG Revere phone. It is a simple dumb phone that you talk on. I know I am old fashioned, but I use my phone to actually talk to people, not do text messages, surf the Internet or take pictures.

The voice quality is very good. The reception on Verizon using this phone is very good to excellent.

I can't believe the battery life. My old phone from AT&T got only four days charge on the battery. My LG Revere gets 14 days charge on the battery. No, that isn't a typo; I actually said 14 days charge.

One more thing, I really like the way the phone feels in my hand – a very nice tactile feel.

Review Source

Decent for a basic flip, but lacks features I enjoyed with my Sprint flip phone. For one, the T9 feature does not default for texting, so every time you write a new text, you have a couple extra steps to go through before you can text with T9. My Sprint phone would save the default T9 option when I chose it, and just went right to it. Second, the short cut directional keys do not allow any feature of the phone to be saved there. So, going to Favorites, or to the calculator, for example, still take multiple steps. Again, my old cheap Sprint flip phone had better options than this. It's a sturdy, decent phone, but I wish I had my old one back.

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It is just fine

This phone is as simple as its gets. Easy to use with great battery life. The camera is good enough for wallpaper or caller ID. The only minus I found that it takes about 20-30 seconds to power up. This is true on both phones I own. Originally I thought that my phone was defective, but since both do the same thing I am OK with it. It is just minor inconvenience. For those for looking for a phone to talk, or some texting I think it is the best Verizon has on the market. One more thing, the reception is awesome on this phone, it even works in my basement where other phones would not get a signal.

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So far, so good...

Let me begin by saying, I am a big fan of flip phones that don't try to be computers. My phone doesn't have to be brilliant. It just needs to make calls, text and take the occasional pic. And this phone is perfect.
I've had the Revere for only a week, and so far, I'm lovin' it! It's thin, sleek, feels good in my hand, has big enough buttons to ensure easy texting.... and has all the features I need. I especially love the option to set the ringer to "ring and vibrate", even if the ringer isn't set on high.

Everyone else in my family likes to make fun of me for not having a 'smart" phone, but to me, it's way smarter to get a phone like this one that isn't 'going to the shop' every other week!

I think Verizon has scored big with this LG!!

Review Source
LG Revere

If the rating went to 10 I waould give this phone a rating of 15!
I went from the LG Accolade to this phone today when I saw it on display at radio Shack. They started selling Verizon today and they were offering this phone for $29.99 with a $20 gift card which I used for airtime.
Verizon also started a $50 unlimited plan with unlimited talk, Text, and Web.
Which is exactly what I wanted.
The whole package could be a "Killer " service for MetroPCS and Boost.

Thank you LG and Verizon.

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