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Verizon Wireless Rating

The Verizon Wireless has been rated 2.7 out of 5 stars by users.

Verizon Wireless Reviews

Chuck from Mount Laurel, NJ

Verizon service has been good since my family and I switch from nex hell. Currently they have a superior service vs the others countrywide. I thinks their plans have just become competitive with their competition. I use the vx6700 and it sucks, also with bluetooth, camera pics and the bulky extended battery. The other negative issue with the 6700, I recieve a large amount of emails daily and can not use the internal memory because it's too small. I use a extended memory card. But the 6700 will only support 2g cards only. I had to return my 4g memory card and settle. not a good feature. I've gone through at least 4 replacements due to software problems and performance. I been waiting patiently since my plan expired in Feb 2007 for the 6800 to come out. So far their tech support is great as well as customer service while i ride the 6700 experience.
britney from california

i've got to say, verizon wireless gives you really good service and i dont hAV SO many troubles with my phone, evn though it wont turn on from the many times that i have drop it but i am getting my new phone. the only concern that i have is the 2 yr plan, i love the phine that im getting, but new phones come out like every month and they are really cool, it would be better if it was a year, other than that verizon is really nice to you and gives you great service.
jenn from ny

verizon sux..i havnt dropped much calls..however..I dont like being stuck in a 2 year plan..also..i think its unrealistic to think everyone wants to keep their phone for 2 years when they come up with new phones every other month..u should be able to upgrade every 6-12 months discounted..the full prices on the phones are CRAZY..Im forced to keep a phone that no longer has all the features i need bc i wont pay 300 for a phone that they are giving new customers to for 69.00..customer service sux and the reps at there stores never have a clue
Will from Cerritos

Absoulete best service :D
barbara from california

I think verizon is ok. The one reson i dont like it is because of its 2 yr. plan .
Lori from Columbus Georgia

Like many others have stated there is nothing below one star, so that is what I have to give--though verizon wireless deserves the utmost CRAP anyone can give. I have had so many problems with them for the past 2 years. My plan was messed up by ONE OF THE VERIZON REPS and now I am told I can't get the same plan as it is 'retired' and there is no way of getting it back. So now not only am I unhappy because someone (the MANAGER) made a stupid mistake, but now I have to pay $10.00 MORE just to keep my texting!!! Wait a minute, lets make that $30.00 MORE!!!!!! They messed up again, and charged me for 3 plans now! OMG I am so upset with them, but can't change my company because everyone has the number I have now---that is at least 500 people. No exagerations-- that when I go to the verizon store tomorrow it will be the 9th time to fix the SAME mistake! DO NOT GO WITH VERIZON if you don't have to!
Chris from Albuquerque, NM

Verizon, unlike Cingular, doesn't over charge me, like Cingular did last year for me. The phones are nice, but I sure wish Get It Now were on every phone, not just the 'nicer' ones. Only one or two dropped calls on Verizon, but it's voice quality has improved in the last 3 years. I'm sticking to this one for a while.
Dawn from Philadelphia

Verizon SUCKS! Most of my calls are dropped, I can rarely use my phone in my house, forget it when walking in to a store and forget calling customer service for help because they don't care, they know they have me locked in for two years unless I want to pay 200 a phone for cancelling. They also have the most expensive rates, I have 2 more weeks til my contract is up and I can't wait!
Jackie from NY

I love my verizon service and wouldn't change it for the world.
Joe from Silver Creek , NY

The service has been great!!! Even when I was recieving a few dropped calls I was able to contact them and work through the problem. The people at Verozon are fantastic. The pricing could be a little more friendly and lower. but the overall experience with verizon is fantastic!!!