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TracFone Rating

The TracFone has been rated 2.6 out of 5 stars by users.

TracFone Reviews

JadedMarty from Houston, TX

I only wish there was a lower rating that '1' - this is w/o a doubt the WORST company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with, & they deserve a negative rating. Confusing, deceptive 'plans', & customer service is atrocious. Online service for buying minutes does NOT 'work most of the time', despite what other reviewer says - you usually have to call & deal w/ their customer NON service reps, most of whom can neither speak nor understand English. Believe everything bad you read about this deceptive company - do a Google of Tracfone Customer Review - & investigate the Class Action Suit against them in KY before you order ANYTHING from these thieves. After less than a week of their spotty, sorry phone service, I'm currently in the process of trying to get a refund for the unused minutes I purchased. They're stonewalling me - but I have contacted the B.B.B., the Atty. Gen. for Tx & Fla. From what I've read on this & other sites w/ customer reviews, that's what it takes to get a refund.
Bottom line - avoid these hucksters at all costs - their business practices are, to say the least, shady. (again, Google them & see what comes up re: customer service & the class action in KY.)
Brian from New Jersey

Very happy with my new Tracfone, I don't use it much,so it dose not cost me that much.Customer service was very helpful porting in my old number,took less than 24 hours
Guairdean from Texas

I purchase a 250 minute/one year service card. When I activated the card it was only good for 90 days. 2 hours of calls to customer service yielded no results. They insisted that the one year service (I have the hard copy) that I purchased doesn't exist.
lou from texas

its way to expensive! there phones are ugly as crap! $30 for 100 min! yea right i can get a monthly bill for less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
howard from Wyoming

Purchased three different TracFones. None of them worked in SE Wyoming. Been three months trying to get a refund. BIG run-around. ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY FROM TRACFONE. None of the customer service reps can speak American...!!!
James from Michigan

I used TracFone for a little over a year... Phones are expensive, but that is normal for a prepaid service. It is also nice that you can use the phone basically anywhere, since most prepaid phones can only be used in the carrier's home area. BUT... less than a year into the service, they changed what my home area was! There is NO EXCUSE for that. I regularly traveled in an area (25 miles from me, mind you) where I all of a sudden began roaming, and being charged two times my rate. TracFone might've been great a few years ago when not many prepaid services existed... but with more options being available (at much better rates too), one of them may be much better for you. Alltel was for me!
Tom from New Mexico

The tracfone on-line web site service is crap. I've been trying for 3 days to buy more minutes - it is dog slow and then it craters. Also, the original phone battery for my Tracfone quit after 9 months and I had to shell out $40 for a new one. I tried to use my phone (land line) to purchase more minutes and talked to a computer voice that took me through a long menu only to find out it also crapped out. I suspect to use the phone to purchase more minutes you must use the Tracfone itself. I'm now surfing the web for another prepaid plan where I can get a phone that will work with my new $40 battery. My overall recommendation is that this company should send its' CEO to Iraq without a Kevlar vest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greg from MI

very outdated, my connection sux big, they need better phones.
Biju P Simon from Mountain View

Customer service too bad.
They will go back on advertised deals, once the order is placed. Customer service's only viable suggestion is to give complaint.

They won't refund money on reconditioned phone eventhough they would promise to refund while making an order.

It is a big waste of money.
Slade from Texas

Great plan if you don't use your phone very much. Who wants to pay $30, $40, or $50 a month on the other plans. Not me. This is perfect for our needs.