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LG V20

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LG V20 Full Specs and Features

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LG V20 Reviews

LG V20 on Verizon

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

I was very anxious to try this phone given its specs. I bought one retail at the Verizon store 2 days ahead of the launch date. After using it for 48 hrs I returned it. While I think the phone is solid for most users I couldn't help but feel like it just was up to my standards. I have used every high end Android phone for the past 8+ years. Here's my breakdown:
-Big display
-Great camera
-Fast processor
-Expandable memory
-Removable battery
-USB type C charging

-LG software
-Mediocre battery life
-Finger print sensor
-Single speaker
-Overall build qualify/feel
-Reception indoors kept going into 3G

I couldn't help but feel like this phone was the V10 with minor changes. LG's software still feels unpolished and makes the user experience less then stellar. Their ideas are great but the execution of those ideas feels incomplete.

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Pleasantly Surprised by LG V20

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

PROs: Battery Life-19 hours with continuous use and still 20% left, Speed, Audio, Camera, Second Screen, Fingerprint reader accuracy, Feel?

CONs: No S Pen, No waterproofing, no wireless charging, Feel?

I was very reluctant to exchange my Note 7 because I thought it was the best phone I ever owner. To my surprise, it wasn't. It most definitely has competition from the LG V20. While the Note 7 has the S Pen, waterproofing, edge screen and wireless charging, I still argue that LG V20 "might" be the best phone I've ever used.

Best battery life I've ever had in the past and it is the best I currently have in my household now. We have a Samsung as well as an iPhone. The phone is extremely quick and responsive. There is virtually no lag, but my Note 7 would occasionally lag. It is a large phone with a second screen that I find myself using often. I hardly ever used the Note 7s edge screen. It felt nice in my hands, but I find LG's screen more convenient. For people that are looking for a replacement, I wouldn't look further. However, the LG is a big phone. It is taller and wider, but thinner than the Note 7. It is also considerably lighter, which at first I didn't think I liked. Now I think I prefer. Don't get me wrong, the Note 7 felt very comfortable in my hand. This is a lot wider so it may be tougher for some people to use with a single hand. It's tough to describe the feel. I can't decide which I like better in that area. I won't give it a 5 because I don't believe anything is perfect. However, I would give it a 4.9. LG shocked me with my first LG phone. I like it as much if not more than the Note 7 (my favorite). I live in South Florida and the signal and sound quality so far have been excellent!

The media features have been as good if not better than the Note 7. I was planning on keeping this until the next "Note" was released, but I am not sure now. It will completely depend on how badly I want an S pen again.

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