LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip Specs, Features & Reviews

User rating: (4.1/5 stars)
LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip

Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip Key Specs & Features

  Camera Resolution

Resolution: 3+ megapixel
night, macro modes

  Battery Life

1500 mAh LiIon
Talk: 6 hours max.
Standby: 550 hours max.

  Physical Dimensions

4.5 x 2.3 x 0.58 in   114 x 58 x 14.7 mm

  Screen Size

3.2 in   diagonal, 3:2
320 x 480 pixels
180 ppi   approx.

LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip Full Specs and Features

Battery1500 mAh LiIon
Talk: 6 hours max.
Standby: 550 hours max.
BluetoothSupported Profiles: HSP 1.2, HFP 1.5, OPP, FTP, PBA, DUN, A2DP 1.2, AVRC 1.3, MAP
version 3.0
Call ScreeningNo
CameraResolution: 3+ megapixel
night, macro modes
Changeable Body PlatesNo
DataTechnology: EVDO rA
Dimensions4.5 x 2.3 x 0.58 in   114 x 58 x 14.7 mm
Display3.2 in   diagonal, 3:2
320 x 480 pixels
180 ppi   approx.
Extra CameraNo
Extra DisplayNo
FCC IDsBEJVS700   approved Jun 17, 2011
BEJLS700   approved Jul 13, 2011
FM RadioNo
Fast ChargingNo
Fingerprint ReaderNo
Front/Selfie CameraNo
HD VoiceNo
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)Yes
Hearing Aid CompatibleRating: M4, T4 (very tele-coil compatible)
Infrared (IR)No
Language OptionsLanguages Supported: English, Spanish
Memory Card SlotCard Type: microSD
2 GB card included / supports up to 32 GB
ModesCDMA 850 / 1900 CDMA   2G / 3G
850 MHz / band 5 / BC0   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
1900 MHz / band 2 / BC1   PCS (Americas)
OS / PlatformAndroid version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Processor800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7627T
Ringer ProfilesNo
Side KeysYes
Speaker PhoneYes
Stereo SpeakersNo
Storage/Internal Memory150 MB available to user
Expandable via memory card
2 GB card included
TTY/TDD (Digital)Yes
TV OutputNo
Text Keyboard, HardwareLayout: QWERTY
Touch ScreenType: Capacitive
USBConnector: Micro-USB
supports charging, mass storage mode
Video CaptureResolution: VGA (640 x 480)
Waterproof/Water ResistanceNo
Weight5.54 oz   157 g
Wi-FiVersion(s): 802.11 b,g,n
Wireless ChargingNo

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The LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip is currently available from the following service providers.

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LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip Rating

The LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip has been rated 4.1 out of 5 stars by users.

LG Enlighten / Optimus Slider / Optimus Zip Reviews


Carrier: Verizon Wireless

Just changed from this to a Spectrum, but that was my employer's choice not mine. The Enlighten is definitely a steady-Eddie of a smartphone. Very reliable all-around, never had any of the usual smartphone issues like freezing, power-cycling, etc. It just worked. Touchscreen could be a tad more responsive as I found myself having to deliberately press on a link or shortcut, a light touch or brush just doesnt do it with this phone. The keyboard is very functional, doesn't add much extra bulk and the buttons worked every time.

Sharp, clear display screen
Feels very "un-bulky" for a keyboard smartphone
Calls were loud and clear, no drops

Battery life is terrible even under light use
Touchscreen responsiveness is merely average
No flash on the camera so flashlight apps are limited
Sound from speakerphone is weak, could be louder

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Love It

I love this phone. My husband paid much more for his Droid, but his has a few glitches. I have had the Enlighten for about 5 months and have had no problems with it. I am a big LG fan. Our family has ALWAYS had good luck with LG phones. Just remember that with smart phones you have to charge daily.

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Exceeds Expectations

What a great phone this is! For the pre-paid segment, this is most likely one of the best phones out there for the end of 2011.

- Stock Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)
- Full QWERTY sliding keyboard
- Decent resolution, bright display.
- Fast enough processor
- 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
- KILLER deals ($35 / $45 / $55 plans)
- 3.2MP camera (no flash)

For the UNLIMITED web, text, messaging plans, you just can't beat it. I went for the $45 (1200 minute voice) plan. $45/mo. beats my previous $90/mo. I was paying through Verizon, and they weren't even giving unlimited data! Just pay the $45 plus tax, that's it. No further taxes or surcharges. What a HUGE savings over the year (save $500/year!), and upgrade to a new handset at anytime.

The keyboard, voice calls, speakerphone, everything works great. No lockups or freeze-ups yet. Streaming Pandora and YouTube via Wi-fi works great; Netflix is off-sync (from what I heard, downloading the previous version fixes it).

The only negative about the phone is the horrendous battery life. The battery itself is slim and small, so this is to be expected. BUT, there is a fix... download 'JuiceDefender' from the Market and increase battery life by at least 50% or more. Otherwise, 1/2 way thru the day the battery will be dead. But with JuiceDefender installed, you can get through to the end of the night. In addition, I noticed snappier overall performance from the phone. Still, expect to charge every night.

I will NEVER go back to a contract again! So glad I switched. This phone rocks for pre-paid, well worth the money!

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I like the phone

Bought from radio shack the virgin mobile optimus slider. I'm in Vacaville California, a 3g (not 4g) area. It suits my needs, it's a fun little tool that I also use for business. The camera could be better though - pictures are a little grainy. Love the variety of ring tones and wallpapers, and especially the live wallpaper. I'm not a power user and have not used an android before so my comments are a first time experience. It gave me what I wanted with some fun little surprises like ease of use, rotating screen, qwerty keyboard, latest android version, excellent call quality, decent Internet speed, connected to wifi in the house in 30 seconds. I can adjust power usage so the battery doesn't drain. I hate to be a remorseful buyer and am still looking at reviews for other phones/carriers and this one keeps coming out on top for it's price range and I don't feel that I settled because I went pre-paid.

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Low Memory

Phone is pretty good, but I have a terrible issue with the phone memory. Had to delete some apps already on the phone (like Facebook) because the very first message I got said the memory was too low. I tried to transfer as much as I could to the memory card, but it still- every day- says memory is too low. I pretty much only look at email (delete always so only about 3 are left on phone), and get maybe 4 or 5 messages a day. Cannot find ANYTHING on the internet on how to fix this issue. Am afraid I will have to buy a substitute phone in order to have a workable "smart phone". (oh and phone ring is not very loud...)

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