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The Virgin Mobile has been rated 2.6 out of 5 stars by users.

Virgin Mobile Reviews

jimmie from Augusta GA

This sucks!! i get 0 bars and once i needed it in an emergency i couldn't use it they suck over all
jeth from NY

Price and service area are OK, but Virgin Mobile's business plan prevents them from providing phones with two important features: 1-Bluetooth capability and 2-PC connectivity for maintaining phone contacts and other functions. Obviously enabling Bluetooth or providing that feature would probably enable the PC connectivity as well, and this would cut back on the many features they nickel and dime you with (actually $2.00 and up). Their plans are intended to make up for the low service prices by charging substantial fees for ringtones, etc. You also have to be careful you don't accidentally sign up for features that have recurring monthly or even daily charges.
JM from Kenosha, WI

Great customer service, and the cheapest prepaid anywhere! I pay $15 every 90 days ($5/month) and my unused minutes rollover. I wish that their phones were better quality though, as I have had a couple of disappointments with their choices. Currently VERY unhappy with my Audiovox 8610 (ring volume ridiculously low even at highest setting).
Gokce** from New York

I am very happy with my virgin mobile phone ans so is my mom since she is paying for it! It has coverage in most of the places I am in and the phone has all the feautures I need. Also, since it is mostly an emergency phone it is very portable, cheap and and handy!!
Lindsey from United States

I wish there was a rating of zero, because Virgin Mobile deserves it! They use one of the worst wireless networks (Sprint). I chose Virgin Mobile about 2 years ago because I wanted to have a fairly low cost phone and to have a phone in case of emergencies. But what good is having a phone when you get close to no coverage? It worked fine in the city areas (most of the time) but if you went even 10miles out of the city you would have no service. STAY AWAY FROM VIRGIN MOBILE, if you are looking for prepaid service go with Tracfone or Alltel prepaid instead, you'll be much better off. I was so frustated with the bad service, I switched to Tracfone, which has a very good coverage area, but more expensive than virgin mobile. Other than being more expensive Tracfone was great. I am now on a monthly plan with Alltel, and I love it!
Dave from USA

I just got a virgin mobile and I love it. It's good for me because I dont talk a lot on phones I only use it for emergencies, or just a quick call to my friends. I would recomend this phone to anyone who is like me and likes to pay as you go, and no mounthly plans. :)
desiree from Union, NJ

I purchased a virgin mobile phone 2 months a ago and I must say that I am very pleased with the service. My days of having contract cell-phone service are over. It is easy to top-up and it is not just for teens. I am 35 years old!
Hunter from U.S.A.

its great you can have everything everyboddy else has but at a much cheaper price its my first phone so they make it nice and easy thanks virgin mobil!!!!!!
Cameron from United States

I love Virgin Mobile and I love my Virgin Mobile phone (kyocera k9) The prices are pretty nifty and easy to work with. Vm is great for teens due to no contracts and that credit card junk. It`s simple to add to your account and it`s nice that they give you over the '90 day' mark to top up. If you have prepaid, that means you are a frequent user of the phone,so i don`t think a couple days without phone service is gonna kill you. If you don`t have the time to top up by the 90th day, that`s okay... as long as you do by 151 days (yes?) What`s also good is that the customer service is actually entertaining! that Symone girl is awesome!lol. You listen to those verizon people and other companys and what do they do? *zzzzzzzz snore. Those recordings talk so flippin slow,but Vm has vibrant and fun recordings, which is a good thing. All in all, i would highly suggest Vm to anyone, not just teens who don`t consantly talk on the phone. I, myslef say it`s cheaper to text and being that it`s free to receive,that`s what I do.
James from Michigan

I was impressed with the call quality and customer service with Virgin Mobile. One thing to keep in mind though is that there is no roaming. If you are outside the Sprint PCS network (which basically means if you are not in a large metro area or along a well traveled interstate) you will not have any service. This is common with prepaid plans though.