Apple iPhone 6s Specs, Features & Reviews

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Apple iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Key Specs & Features

  Camera Resolution

Resolution: 12+ megapixel
auto-focus, f/2.2 lens, dual-tone flash / panorama, auto HDR, Live Photos, face detection

  Battery Life

? mAh LiIon
Talk: 14 hours max.
Standby: 240 hours max.

  Physical Dimensions

5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in   138 x 67 x 7.1 mm

  Screen Size

4.7 in   diagonal, 16:9
750 x 1334 pixels
326 ppi   approx.

Apple iPhone 6s Full Specs and Features

Battery? mAh LiIon
Talk: 14 hours max.
Standby: 240 hours max.
Bluetoothversion 4.2
Call ScreeningNo
CameraResolution: 12+ megapixel
auto-focus, f/2.2 lens, dual-tone flash / panorama, auto HDR, Live Photos, face detection
Changeable Body PlatesNo
DataTechnology: LTE (Cat 6)
Dimensions5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in   138 x 67 x 7.1 mm
Display4.7 in   diagonal, 16:9
750 x 1334 pixels
326 ppi   approx.
Extra CameraNo
Extra DisplayNo
FCC IDBCG-E2946A   approved Sep 9, 2015
FM RadioNo
Fast ChargingNo
Fingerprint Readerin home button
Front/Selfie CameraResolution: 5-megapixel
HD VoiceYes
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)Yes
Hearing Aid CompatibleRating: M3, T4 (very tele-coil compatible)
Infrared (IR)No
Language OptionsLanguages Supported: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, more...
Memory Card SlotNo
ModesLTE 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 12 / 13 / 17 / 20 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 / 40 / 41
WCDMA 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8
CDMA 850 / 1700 / 1900
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 LTE   4G
band 1 / 2100 MHz   IMT (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Brazil, India, Israel)
band 2 / 1900 MHz   PCS (Americas)
band 3 / 1800 MHz   DCS (Europe, Asia, Africa)
band 4 / 1700 MHz   AWS (Americas)
band 5 / 850 MHz   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
band 7 / 2600 MHz   IMT-E (Canada, South America, Europe, Asia)
band 8 / 900 MHz   (Europe, Asia, Africa)
band 12 / 700 MHz   Lower 700 (USA (AT&T, T-Mobile, regional))
band 13 / 750 MHz   Upper 700 (USA (Verizon))
band 17 / 700 MHz   Lower 700 (USA (AT&T))
band 20 / 800 MHz   EU Digital Dividend (Europe)
band 25 / 1900 MHz   PCS+G (USA (Sprint))
band 26 / 850 MHz   Extended Cellular (USA (Sprint))
band 27 / 800 MHz   ESMR (Americas (Sprint))
band 28 / 700 MHz   APT (Oceana, Asia, Central America)
band 29 / 700 MHz   Lower 700 (USA (AT&T))
band 30 / 2300 MHz   WCS (Americas (AT&T))
band 40 / 2300 MHz   (Asia, Africa, Oceana)
band 41 / 2500 MHz   BRS / EBS (USA (Sprint))

WCDMA   3G / 4G
band 1 (I) / 2100 MHz   IMT (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Brazil, India, Israel)
band 2 (II) / 1900 MHz   PCS (Americas)
band 4 (IV) / 1700 MHz   AWS (Americas)
band 5 (V) / 850 MHz   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
band 8 (VIII) / 900 MHz   (Europe, Asia, Africa)

CDMA   2G / 3G
850 MHz / band 5 / BC0   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
1700 MHz / band 4 / BC15   AWS (Americas)
1900 MHz / band 2 / BC1   PCS (Americas)

GSM   2G
850 MHz / band 5   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
900 MHz / band 8   (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1800 MHz / band 3   DCS (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1900 MHz / band 2   PCS (Americas)
  LTE band 30 on A1633 only
OS / PlatformiOS version 9
ProcessorApple A9
64-bit, M9 motion chip
Ringer ProfilesNo
SIM card sizeNano   4FF
Side KeysYes
Speaker PhoneYes
Stereo SpeakersNo
Storage/Internal Memory16 GB raw hardware
Not expandable
also comes in 64 and 128 GB versions
TTY/TDD (Digital)Yes
TV Outputwith adapter
Text Keyboard, HardwareNo
Touch ScreenType: Capacitive
USBwith included Lightning cable
Video CaptureResolution: 4K UHD
can capture stills while recording video, slow motion mode, time lapse video
Waterproof/Water ResistanceNo
Weight5.04 oz   143 g
Wi-FiVersion(s): 802.11 a,ac,b,g,n
with MIMO
Wireless ChargingNo

Apple iPhone 6s Carrier Availability

Available From

The Apple iPhone 6s is currently available from the following service providers.

Discontinued By

The Apple iPhone 6s has been discontinued by the following service providers.

Apple iPhone 6s Rating

The Apple iPhone 6s has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by users.

Apple iPhone 6s Reviews

iPhone 6s 64 gb

Carrier: T-Mobile

I was looking to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S6 because it was way too big and the Battery Sucked. Went to my previous provider (Cricket) to see what they offered for the S7 and iPhone. They didn't offer much of anything that helped save me money.

So, I went to T-Mobile to see what they had to Offer. Smartest Choice I ever made.
I was offered a trade in Credit for $150 for my current phone and was able to switch to the iPhone 6s 64gb in Silver for half of what I was going to pay even used the other phones credit to make the iPhone an even better price.

Now for the Pros and Cons:

1) Nice size. fits nicely in my hand.
2) Direct connection with my MacBook
3) Voice over LTE. Better Calling
5) Battery is better.


Eh....... Eh....... GOT NONE!

Review Source
Best Phone iphone 6S

Carrier: AT&T

just no complain, tho IOS is a beast in comparation with androide, buy an iphone and you have the best smart phone you can have in your hand

Review Source
Again... Great Phone

Carrier: AT&T

Not much different between the 6 and 6S besides the 3d touch that I never use...

The phone is a state of the art piece of technology. The best to do it.

besides the crappy chargers I mentioned on the 6, I meant to add in that the constant updates are exceedingly annoying and unnecessary. These updates are not quick either. Love the phones but I swear I feel so ready to throw it out the damn window when I see a new update...

Overall iPhone 6s is the superiority in smart phones.

Review Source
Nothing ever changes

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

They always release the same phone and never make it better... So sad to have such a good name. I love all their products minus phone.

Review Source
Best smartphone

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

-Camera Front/ Back
-Great apps to go with it
-Very fast
-Touch ID is so quick now
-3D toch
-Apple Pay
-Great support at Apple Store

-Can be expensive
-Battery Life could be better
-Stay way from 16GB unless its your first smartphone

-Using on Verizon Wireless
-South New Jersey area.

Its great device all around. Has a very friendly interface and if you don't know how to use you can always take a class at the apple store. Verizon is a little lacking when it comes to WiFi calling. But all of the other carrier have it. Love how it integrate with Mac OS 10.11. Camera takes really good photos, Live photos make photos come alive. Really enjoy taking photos of my little one while in vacation in Disney world. Whenever you have an issue schedule a time with your local genius bar and they will help you. No other manufacture offer this kind of support.

Review Source
iPhone 6s on AT&T

Carrier: AT&T

Processor is extremely quick
Easy to use
Thin & light-weight aluminum body
Good call quality with decent volume
Good cellular signal reception
Great display for its size
Finger-print sensor almost too fast

Photo's are too dark
No expandable memory
Battery life should be better
GPS sensitivity poor

This is a great phone and a no-brainer upgrade for anyone with a 5s or older iPhone. Touch ID is now so fast that I often unintentionally unlock the phone by simply picking it up. Love the curved glass on the display edges and the fact that it is so smooth to the touch now. I wish it had a 5" display, which for me is the sweet spot for one-handed operation, and I would prefer to have a slightly thicker ID to enable a larger battery. But my only real complaints are that my photos often come out too dark (with and without HDR enabled) and the GPS receiver is not as sensitive as it was on my old 5s and 4s.

Review Source
Love the iPhone 6s

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

I have Verizon and the iPhone 6s is a great device to have

Review Source
Iphone 6 Review Best Iphone yet!

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

Camera is AWESOME!
No issues in the past 3 Months
Hey Siri is cool

3D touch is kind of annoying
Battery is still an issue with me

Love the phone pretty much everything you expect from an iPhone and I do believe its the best iPhone yet

Review Source
iPhone 6s Tmobile

Carrier: T-Mobile

-very snappy and responsive to touch
- smooth integration between phone and Mac
-camera quality is phenomenal

- speaker could be louder
-battery life is alright at best

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Iphone 6s Sprint

Carrier: Sprint


*It just works. Everything you do with it has no lag and responds right away
*Great call quality and that is saying something with Sprint. Other phones that I've had I can't make that claim.
*Must have 128 GB. Never have to worry about space again.
Camera is excellent and love the new camera option that captures some video with it.

*Can't add any additional memory to it, but honestly if you have either the 64 GB or the 128 GB, you don't need anymore space.
*Coming from the Iphone 6 plus, wish the screen was a little bigger, but not that much. I think if it was 5 inches, it would be perfect. I love being able to use just one hand to slide through everything.

Sprint's Iphone for life plan is nice and I can't wait to see what Apple has next. I have had Android phones in the past and they are equally as good. Just comes down to preference and since the rest of my family has Iphones, using Imessage and Face time make it a no brainer for me.

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