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Apple iPhone 6

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Apple iPhone 6 Full Specs and Features

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Apple iPhone 6 Rating

The Apple iPhone 6 has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by users.

Apple iPhone 6 Reviews

Review Iphone 6 128 GB - Verizon

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

The points outlined below are based on my experience comparing the iPhone 5, 5S and 6 all running IOS 8.0.2.

iPhone 6 Pros

Excellent display quality and size is perfect.

Improved audio volume thru speakerphone for music, videos, alerts, ringtones and navigation.

Improved audio, volume and clarity for voice calls thru both the earpiece and speakerphone. HD voice calls with VoLTE are magnificent but limited to both parties being on Verizon. Non-HD voice calls are a little better with carrier VoLTE turned off

Ability to simultaneous engage in voice calls and use data services such as mail, internet, etc

Much stronger vibrate

Camera has been improved, is faster, has more options and pictures are clearer.

Apps are faster to start up and more responsive once running with no lag

Great WIFI experience - better than predicessors

iPhone 6 Cons

Camera roll has been removed (this is an IOS 8 design) but I thought I would bring it up anyway

Home Network extenders for weak cell service areas are not supported with VoLTE and cannot be used.

The iPhone 6 is very fragile and must have a case.


Strictly from a phone hardware and usability perspective, the iPhone 6 is without question the best phone I have ever used comparing every iPhone and Android device I have tested,

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Excellent Phone

Carrier: AT&T

iPhone 6 was my first primary iPhone. (had an iPhone 4 as secondary)

1.iOS is superior. 0 Lag. Always fast, very reliable.
2. The phone is sexy in all colors. I had Gold.
3. Speakers were loud and clear.
4. The phone has a luxurious appeal to it that others are still trying to fill.
5. Camera and Video were awesome, however beware the 16G. it fills up quickly.

1. Battery was below average in my opinion.
2. When it comes to File Sharing, iPhone/Apple are horrible at this. As a musician I share files(mp3's & WAVS) with Dj's, Producers and other artists. You cannot save these files to your iPhone without an additional app and it is frustrating when you are trying to keep as much storage free as possible. The phone is very limited compared to Android and even Windows...
3. Number 2 actually led to me replacing it with an Android.
4. Charger cords are cheaply made and Apple needs to look at this. These phones cost way too much for the charger to break during normal use...

Overall great phone.

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iPhone 6

Carrier: T-Mobile

I have had this phone for almost a year now and it has shown to really be worth it. I really like the camera and most of its features. It a phone which you could rely on.

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great phone

Carrier: Sprint

The IPhone 6 is a great phone. I was a previous Samsung user, took the leap & am really happy I did. The screen is a nice size and is very high quality. It does exit out of whatever I am doing, random, on occasion but then I go back in the app & everything is OK. Battery is good, pictures are amazing & Siri is often helpful.

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iPhone 64GB is worth it

Carrier: AT&T

I've had the iPhone 64GB for about 9 months now, upgraded from the iPhone 5s 32GB. At this point in iPhones, getting the 16GB model just isn't worth it. Makes more sense to step up to the 64GB model due to the iOS updates, apps, pictures/videos and music.

The phone itself feels sturdy and sleek in hand. The screen is the right size for most uses without feeling like you have a tablet in your hand. I've noticed that the screen has a weird feel to it, in a good way. It's makes you want to keep touching the screen. With heavy use, you'll need to charge your phone about twice a day. With medium use I can get a whole day out of it. Listening to music sounds great with both the built in speaker and headphones. Camera takes great pictures and video. I've never noticed how sub par other phone cameras are until I used the iPhone's camera.

I do notice that the phone is not as fast as when I first purchased it. Opening/closing apps has a noticeable lag. The phone has crashed about 2 times while in use. The vibration is very weak compared to the 5s. I've missed calls and texts all the time because I can't feel or hear it. I've even made my own pattern, but it's still not strong enough. That's probably my biggest gripe with this phone.

Overall, the phone is the awesome. I would and have recommended it to others and they have been satisfied.

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iphone 6

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

its a great iphone super fast good battery life not to big works great on verizon network in eastpointe mi

pros apple makes a solid phone great

cons none yet

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Iphone 6 Takes the Cake

Carrier: AT&T

An Iphone is a Iphone. An Android is a Android. I can't figure out why many choose to slam either phone because it lacks what the other doesn't. I have used all iphones. I have also used the HTC One, Galaxy S4 & 5, Note II & 3 and must admit in my opinion none of these phones work as seamless as an iPhone. I tried Android because of all of the hype but even Androids have limitations as to what you can or cannot do and the battery life was not even close to any of my iPhones. That being said the Iphone 6 Takes the Cake, and in my opinion is the most outstanding phone to date. Email is seamless. Works outstanding with my exchange email (far superior than others I have used). Itunes and the music player is seamless and the best (I must admit I was skeptical in the beginning but over time I have come to appreciate it all the more). Web browsing again seamless and Siri is much imporoved. I have had Iphones with both Verizon and AT&T and must admit that my experience with AT&T is far superior. I have not experienced any dropped calls in my long history with using AT&T's service (and no I do not work for AT&T). One has to choose the phone that best fits their style and usefulness. In my opinion you can't go wrong with the Iphone 6 if it meets most of your useful needs. I am happy to say that my experiment with other smartphones has ended. The Iphone 6 has met all of my needs and exceeded others. As I get older I have a much better appreciation for the screen size (this has been my only downfall with Apple in the past). The iphone 6 truly takes the cake "Great Job Apple". This is truly an Outstanding Phone.

Pros: Sreen Size, Battery Life, Web Browsing, Siri, Email, iTunes, Camera, Video, iCloud

Cons: None

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back to the iphone 6-for 3 days

Carrier: T-Mobile

So I stepped away from iphones and heavy use since the 3gs. I transitioned to android and the EVO 4G. I loved the phone, hated the battery life and software issues. Anyhow, back to the iphone 6.

This is a fantastic phone. Light weight, fast, and clear. It has all the things you would want on an iphone and slightly bigger than its predecessors. It takes amazing photos and apple did a great job with the speaker on this device. Very loud and clear. Great for phone calls and music.

I am a huge fan of ios, but unfortunately my love for android won out. It was too hard for me to figure out small nuances of the phone and try and work past them.

If you are an apple user, the upgrade will be welcome. If you are a frustrated and simple android user, you will love this phone

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Nice updgrade from 4S

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

During the 3 years with my 4S (Verizon) I never found myself saying, "I wish I had this or that." It met all my needs. The 5 had no appeal so I thought I would wait for the 6, and I'm glad I did.

Lighter than 4S
Good form factor; great with Speck Grip case
Screen is superb, used Zagg glass protector
Like more screen real estate
Call quality same (good)

Minor learning curve, but Tips app helps
Had to replace all my 30 pin cables

I find it hard to understand why everyone gets all in a dither over the release. It's a phone, and a good one at that. Completely satisfied.

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the new apple iphone 6: Perfect phone

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

I've had the phone for 3 days now & I really like it. I love the size & the way I can make my text bigger when text messaging. I also like the keyboard where the keys are spaced just right, not too close together. I like the power button being on the side instead of at the top of the phone. I have small hands & this phone doesn't feel heavy when I'm text messaging a lot. The camera takes excellent photos, even better than my camera. There's just nothing that I don't like about this phone. I'm so proud to own it.

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