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HTC 10

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HTC 10 Full Specs and Features

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HTC 10 Rating

The HTC 10 has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by users.

HTC 10 Reviews

So good so far

Carrier: T-Mobile

I did quite a bit of research re: what I should upgrade to coming from a Nexus 6. The HTC 10 won by far. I found a hardly used phone locally and snatched it up to run on T-Mobile.

First I'm an audio engineer and the audio specs are amazing. Indeed my Sennheiser earphones (modest $ but good) sound fantastic with this phone. I'm not sold on "HTC Boomsound w/ Dolby Audio" on the built-in speaker, but I wasn't expecting anything incredible from a built-in speaker to begin with.

I guess I'll keep this review to my initial impressions, then come back and update it later. This phone flies on Wifi or with T-mo. The Wifi radio picks up tons of networks, putting my wife's iDevice to shame. Speaking of that, the camera is fast and very very good, also making the iPhone look like a cheap toy. Sadly, HTC like so many Android handset manufacturers, made this phone look like an iPhone. Other than the large front camera aperture at the top and the elliptical fingerprint reader, it looks like an iPhone. Lucky for me it isn't!

Other pros I've noticed include the aforementioned fingerprint scanner, very close to stock Android OS (no TouchWiz here), beautiful display, easy removable storage with large-capacity SD card support (I'm running a 128GB card), excellent call quality and speakerphone, and very good battery life. With moderate to heavy use over 14 hours, it still has about 30% remaining.

Cons include the lack of a couple necessary widgets like a group/app folder, and for me, the 5.2" screen is dwarfed by my beautiful N6's 6-incher. I'm already experiencing the screen envy I had years ago when I saw my BFF's Note for the first time. To remedy the lack of good widgets and to squeeze more apps on the homescreen, I'll probably install Nova launcher. I may also root soon, just to have pure Android. That's it for now.

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Great Device

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

PRO's: Camera is amazing, the HTC flagship hasn't had a decent camera since the M7. This phone captures phenomenal photos and videos. My family members whom have iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 have been very jealous at how well the phone captures photos. I will say I think the S7 produces great pictures as well, depending on the environment these two great phones take turns at dominating each other. The phone handles apps extremely well. Calls are crystal clear. This is my first phone on Verizon's network, I was a die hard Sprint customer but I always had issues with service. It's great to have a device with blazing fast LTE. Gaming on this phone is stable and steady. WiFi was very unstable at the time of release, but since HTC last update it has become stable and reliable. The sound profile works beautifully especially with devices connected through the jack. The Quick Charge 3.0 charges extremely quick surprisingly the car quick charger seems to charge even faster the home charger.

CON's: Battery when gaming is terrible, surfing the web is decent on the battery but steaming content can wear the battery down as well. I am not sure if it's just my device but Bluetooth sometimes struggle to maintain a strong connection. I have had it attached to car stereo, and I have two sets of wireless headphones one Beats and one LG and at times when my phone is in my pocket and playing music with both devices (phone and headset) fully charged I still get breaks, if I hold the phone in my hand the connection stays strong. I know HTC wanted to go with a new look but the bottom speaker is nothing like the front facing speakers on previous models. (People should never complain about great features simply because it looks the same.) HTC had a wonderful music player app which was replaced it with a mediocre music player, the old one downloaded album art and had a karaoke style music lyric display, no longer has either one of those great features it's just blah music app now.

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Great phone

Carrier: Sprint

I have used htc since the first evo. Since the m7 this is the first time i feel i got a new phone. I love the new features like quick charge and fingerprint. Camera is great. Love this pbone.

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