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The Sprint has been rated 2.1 out of 5 stars by users.

Sprint Reviews

Tevin Hall from pascagoula ms

Evey one on this page is correct i use to be with them and i had a horrible time. I never got service in raul areas and they were the worse company that i every had and when i found out about they were merging with nextel i said oh no i thank god that my contact was up i give this company 10 fingures doewn.
Piper from Austin,TX

I cant wait until my contract ends, I should have known better…my moms had sprint and she was treated like crap when it came to issues she had with her phone, but since they were going to hook me up with a free LG Bluetooth phone I signed up….that’s what I get….I wasn’t happy with them from day one, dropped calls, mistakes on my bill, unclear information , bad, very bad customer service and now that they have hooked up with Nextel….OMG….I use to get a list of calls that were made from my phone now I only get a bill with no break down of the phone charges , on top of all that other stuff I mentioned .… If you re looking for a cell phone service DON’T GET SPRINT….DON’T BELIVE THE HYPE….you see or hear because SPRINT JUST PLAIN SUCKS
Jenell Mosher from Phoenix , AZ

ZERO, this company commits FRAUD! I've had this service for 7 years or so with so many problems, there's not enough time to write them all down. They have lied to me over and over and added hundreds of dollars of charges I never had! The customer service is beyond horrible. They have added new contracts to my existing phone without my knowlege and refused to change them. Now I have to pay the fee to get out of them. They have out-right lied to me over and over again, including the Sprint Store. I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau and 3 months later Sprint contacted me but still would not return ALL of the funds they owed me for their fraudulent charges and then issued me a new contract for no reason. The have changed the dates on my contracts several times without my knowledge. I will never use this company again!
rtoledo from puerto rico

in puerto rico i have nice coverage and the phones are great and service is good
Ed from IN

This service provider Really sucks. I have made countless attemps calling customer service just to get questions about extra service for the one, and only Blackberry that they offer. Not one person could help me. They would just transfer me do another idiot that has the brains ok a rock. I only use about 250 minutes a month which is far from my limit of anytime minutes,but my monthly bill started to be 12 dollars more every month, but all they could say was 'Were Sorry', well screw you! I did not care how much it was to get out of the contract I just paid it when I got the chance because I went to another service provider while still with Sprint. I just could not take them anymore. All mobile phone carriers have flaws, but when you tamper with the bill I have to pay every month I have to switch. I might have stayed if they would have compensated me for the problems, but they did not care, therefor I am not going to care when I pay off the last bill.
fieryern from Los Angeles

I've had Sprint for 6 yrs now. All of a sudden, signal fades left & right. Attempted to take my phone in to be checked, the guy told me they've been through 3 software updates, still, phone drops calls. I've never had any billing issues or customer service complaints, although wait times are very very very long. I've recently looked into other providers because of the dropped calls. But Sprint rates are very good and hard to compare to.
Jim from North Carolina

Less than zero. That is my rating for this sorry company. They are all a bunch of worthless liars who will lie straight to your face. First, they told me I could change my number when I moved from Virginia to North Carolina. What they didn't tell me was by doing so they started my two year contract all over again. Then, when my phone died right after the warranty died, they wouldn't sell me a new one. Literally would not sell me a new one. They said I had not had the one that died for 24 months. I had to go to BestBuy and spend $350 to buy a new phone. Then I find out when I call Sprint to activate that phone that I have to extend my G**damed contract for another two years just for activating that F***ing phone. I just called them up yesterday to find out when my contract ends. Mercifully, it is only 60 days away. I am going to Cingular. I told them I was going to. They transfered me to something called the 'Select Customer Support Department.' What a joke!! They offered to give me 10% off my bill if I signed another 2 year contract. I told them to kiss my ass.
Daniel J from Texas

I have been a customer on the sprint networks for 9 years. I have had some reception issues back in 2001 but they were tower related. I have had the same phone since 2000. I have been looking to upgraade but have not found a newer one that had the features and design I needed or liked, so I stayed with the sanyo 3700 I had.

This year I saw the RAZR V3 which has all the features I want and more, but is not usable on the sprint network. I stopped in their customer service centers to find out if they were coming out with any new models, that might compare to the Razr, and was very dissappointed with the lack of customer svc their attitude of next 'just another customer'. I have sent several (3) emails to them when I login to my account about whether they are getting any new models, and have not received any response back. So I have come to the conclusion they don't care about their long term customers, and so, I am going to change to the Razr V3 and Cingular network. Sprint has gotten so bloated with customers, you are just another customer id to them and they don't take any personal notice of you or care whether you leave their network or not, even after 9 years, so I will leave.
Donald from SC

I have been with SprintPCS for 5 years and I can said that the current customer service is the worst I have ever experence. I had an samsung 8500 which was stolen. When I first purchased at $200+, it was one of sprint most advance phones. They replace it with a samsung A460 which I have learned they no longer sell because of the problems built into it. I am currently reseaching their billing practices. I am telling everyone I meet to stay away from Sprint until they get their act together.
George from Jersey City, NJ

This company needs to be sued, let me explain why. I have received o a monthly basis a notice from sprinteach month informing me that my phone service is going to be interrupted for non-payment. I contact sprint pay the bill which for some reason is always between 300 and 400 dollars. This is constantly my bill for two phone on a mopnthjly basis - I resigned myself to believing that maybve it was because my plan had expired and if i signed up for a new one this would then be resolved. Who was i kidding - spoke with the rep line me up with a plan paid my last bill in full, also confirmed with the rep that we wer up to date and starting fresh, ' I was not going to get sideswiped with another bill'. He answered with a confident yes. Guess what, a month latrer another noitice that my service is about to be interrupted. I contact the service rep and can't understand why - they pretty much stated that it was too bad and it just so happens thjat ion the same day i made the new arrangement with them another bill dropped - i explained to the rep as well as her supervisor that this is not one was explained to me when i agreed to another twqo year plan - what a rip-off. Now i am back on this 300 - 400 plan again and locked in for two years, with a 150.00 penalty if i cancel early. Guess what i sent them there bloof money and told them to go #@%& themselves. Also let me not forget the CSR gave me the hardest time and would not transfer me to there complaint dept. The supervisor was a real winner!! I hope she reads this and dies!!!!!!