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U.S. Cellular Rating

The U.S. Cellular has been rated 2.9 out of 5 stars by users.

U.S. Cellular Reviews

Mikey G. from Chicago

Ive tried many phone companies, having U.S. Cellular... I have traveled around the states with great service everywhere. The only bad thing is the phones. Whats up with that? It would be nice to have some of the phones that Cingular has. The reason behind that is; U.S. Cellular does many tests on their phones to make sure they work with the CDMA network. CDMA network has been around forever. Longer then GSM, and it works best in the states. If you want service that will always work, invest in US Cellular. I had cingular one day and it didnt work while i was sitting @ home at the kitchen table eating dinner. the next day i went back and got my money back. My job requires me to have a phone that always work.
Terry King from Chicago Il

Price excellent, reception great, customer service good,choice of phones leaves a little to be desired but never go with the cheapest phone and you will be satisfied.I was paying 500 dollars a month with nextel and it sucked(4 lines)now i still have 4 lines and im not even paying 250 so my advice is to pay for a decent phone and you will save money and be satisfied in the end
Whitney from OKC

I drop calls all the time! Sometimes every 30 sec. US Cell insists it is my phone. It's not likely that 2 phones on the same bill with the same problem is the phones fault.
neka from chicago

i think us cell is a great company but as far as phones they r not up there with verizon and sprint they have so many phones and cute one as that that us ell don't have and i am so mad that i can't even up grade my phone some dude gonna tell me i had to wait 13 months to get another phone i was furios and the expect you to pay a lot as well good service BAD PHONES
Bobby Z from Iowa

I've had experience with almost every carrier imaginable, and so far, I have been most please with US Cellular. Note to people with phone problems: there's a big difference between you're wireless company and your phone manufacturer. Your phone, which is essentially a high priced piece of electronics, travels with you to more places than, say, a computer. Your sweat, the humidity in your car, using it when its snowing, all of these things contribute to moisture damage; it doesn't have to be dropped in water. So stop whining when a technician who knows why a phone doesn't work right tells you the reason. My phone just came back with liquid damage and who am I to debate it. I didn't get insurance either, so now I'm rolling with my old LG6000 until I can get enough money to buy a phone outright. Live and learn. The only thing that's frustrating is that the phone I want, US Cellular doesn't carry. Argh! But regardless of the phone complaint, the service is pretty awesome in Iowa.
Derek from Iowa

They are fantastic. And all the people complaining need to know how to spell. Maybe the reason you didnt get good customer service is because they couldnt understand you... ever think of that??? But anyways US Cellular is the best company around and will be for years to come.
Jonathan D from Appleton

US Cellular-Me(friends+family+Online)

How about that for an equation?

Less than a month ago I decided to upgrade my phone to the Kyocera KX16 Candid. Well, it wasn't much of an upgrade.

Not all my contact #s were tranferred, and I didn't like the features that it had. No worry though, because it was still within 30 days of me upgrading.

I talked to the sales rep, the store manager, and then 2 customer service reps. They would not let me change the phone without paying more money in the process.

They deemed my phone damaged due to water. If you take out the battery you will notice a little sticker. If it is red, then the phone was damaged by dropping in water or something. This deems the phone to no longer be in Excellant condition!!

I never dropped the phone in any water! The only thing that I could think of is that perhaps humidy from the bathroom caused this stupid little tag to change colors.

How rediculous! I've been a loyal customer for over 2 years, and only wanted a differant phone! I didn't damage it, and don't feel that I should have to pay more for exchanging my phone to one of my liking!

Combined I wasted nearly 2 hours of my life to come to a resolution. I came to the realization tha US Cellular would rather lose me as a customer, then to take the steps needed to ensure that I am happy.

Not only will they lose me, but also all the potential customers they I will discourage. Word of Mouth advertising works, but so does bad publicity.

Rest assured, I will tell everyone that I know! The internet is a powerful tool. I will also make my voice be heard here as well!

Jonathan D.
Lena from Chicago

I like the service provider. I have a two year old Motorola phone and I can't remember the last time I dropped a call. The only thing is I want the latest phone and US Cell doesn't have it so I plan to switch to Cingular but I'm worried about the reception.
very upset from iowa

In the past few months I have had nothing but problems with my phone.I took it in so they can send it in and get fixed.Well when it came back I asked them what was the problem with it,and they told me it was the speaker,so they replaced it.Well it took 4 weeks for me to get my phone back,and when I did it still wasent fixed, so again it had to be sent back in,but this time it took them 8 weeks to fix it.I just my phone back and I still cant use it,as its not fixed.Well I called them up and really laid into them,but they dont know what to tell me.You know Im on a two year agreement with them and im doing my part,but they arent doing their part.I told them I NEED MY PHONE AS MY DAD LIVES IN SOUTHERN PART OF MISSOURI,TO WHICH THAT PUTS 10 HOURS BETWEEN US.HE HAS HAD THREE HEART ATTACKS JUST THIS YEAR,SO I NEED MY PHONE IN CASE IM NOT HOME AND MY FAMILY NEEDS TO GET AHOLD OF ME RIGHT AWAY.I EVEN TOLD US CELLULAR THIS,BUT ITS NOT THEIR DAD SO WHY SHOULD THEY CARE.SO right now I a phone i cant use,but yet still have to pay my monthly payment,for something i cant use,which is fine.ITS MY DAD THAT CONCERNS ME.
Billy from Freeport, IL

It's great here nothing is bad, my phone never has bad reception and I went all the way to colorado, the coverage is great also, my phone sort of sucks now, but they are getting the blackberry which will help, and customer service helped me a lot when they over charged me for something. Just need more phones thats it.